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An art history major, living in LA. I have an appetite for learning, style, art, and reading. These are the things that inspire me

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Stefan Filipkiewicz - Anemones (1908)
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Our usual lunch spot, bonding over spring rolls with my sissy and momma  (at Blue Lotus Vietnamese Cuisine)
La bebe Luna, we had so much fun at the dog park #snapchat Tagged: snapchat   Notes: 2
Hi boo #ombré #bff Tagged: ombré  bff  

Sonoma Broadway Farms
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Baby I wish I could start every morning like this #perfect #mimosa  (at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego) Tagged: perfect  mimosa  
Happy birthday beautiful @bryannamarch13 I hope you have an amazing day! I miss you! Your going to be such a heart breaker @kb8orange better get that shot fun ready #loveyou Tagged: loveyou  
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