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An art history major, living in LA. I have an appetite for learning, style, art, and reading. These are the things that inspire me

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My ride or die #forever #sisterlove Tagged: forever  sisterlove  
By far my favorite artist of the day #JamesEnsor so scandalous and grotesque it was beautiful  (at The Getty Museum, Los Angeles) Tagged: jamesensor  
Got to meet a real #bossbitch tonight @laganjaestranja she made the @margaritamarys show epic! She goes from 0 to 100 real quick 💃#hamburgermarys Tagged: hamburgermarys  bossbitch  
This is everything! Notes: 1
My long lost lover, I remember I use to get pinkberry almost everyday #addicted Tagged: addicted  
LACMA #selfie, what a nice productive day  (at Lacma) Tagged: selfie   Notes: 1
Everyone decided to come to the Beach today. It’s sooooo hot #tanlines  (at Surf City, USA) Tagged: tanlines   Notes: 1
My absolute favorite fast food in the world #forever Tagged: forever   Notes: 1
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That awkward moment when the sun tries to photo bomb your picture #sunbeams & #tanlines  (at Hermosa Beach 2nd Street) Tagged: sunbeams  tanlines   Notes: 1